Spiritual Leadership Conference in Malawi

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    During the last week of November, Pastor David will be teaching basic theology and spiritual leadership principles to approximately 200 pastors in southern Malawi who have no theological training and 40% do not even have a Bible. Those pastors who do have a Bible usually have the only one in their whole church, so it has to be shared with members and is very worn.

    Malawi is one of the poorest countries in Africa with only $300.79 USD per capita GDP last year. Naturally, most of the pastors attending the conference are extremely poor and will come from outside the town where the conference is being held. FMI will cover their transportation, lodging, and food for three days. This cost comes out to just under $50 per person and includes 9 meals, 4 nights of lodging, snacks, rental of a hall, transport from outside of town, and more.

    Additionally, FMI will give each attendee a new Bible in the local language, a safari bag to keep the Bible safe from the elements, and a pair of sandals to make their journeying for ministry easier. Here is a breakdown of these costs:

    • $8 per Bible
    • $4 per safari bag
    • $3 per pair of sandals

    If you feel led to donate toward this effort, it would be very much appreciated; please see the information on the Give button here.

    FMI was invited to this impoverished rural area by Christopher Kapito, a local community leader and pastor. Chris runs several orphanages and is engaged in community development activities such as teaching locals how to raise bees for honey. He has an informal peer-to-peer training network to help local pastors. The leadership principles presented by FMI have been life changing in other countries in East Africa, and we are trusting God that this is going to be an impactful conference as well. As always, we will be recording this conference with local translation and distributing the training videos freely to all.

    Please pray for this conference, Pastor David, and for safe travels for all attendees. If you would like to donate to help defray the cost, please see the information on the Give button here.