New Land Purchased for Orphanage in Kenya

    Last year we wrote to you about an opportunity that our Kenya Coordinator, Pastor John Atieno, had to purchase land adjacent to the orphanage owned by his ministry. The land, about 1-3/4 acres (0.7 hectares), was undeveloped and suitable for growing food crops. John wanted the land so the children of the orphanage could grow some of their own food and learn how to farm, a valuable skill in rural Kenya.

    Although Pastor John had asked only that we pray, we believed this was a worthy cause for FMI to fund, because it furthers our goal to help indigenous ministries become more effective and encourages sustainability. We sent out a letter and a number of you responded, providing the needed funds within a week. In Kenya, as in much of Africa, land transfers require the approval of the local chief. Once John knew we were going to provide the funding, he spoke to the local chief, who decided this was the best use for the land, and got the former landowner's agreement to sell the land to John's ministry when the funds arrived.

    Since then, they have had time to cultivate the land, developing important life skills for the children and saving precious financial resources for the orphanage. Moreover, now that the orphanage owns the land, they do not have to pay any taxes or other expenses to retain it, so you have blessed them with a gift that they will benefit from, year after year, long into the future! You can see from the pictures how God has blessed them through you!

    Thank you for your ongoing support of FMI. May God bless you as you are a blessing to others,

    DC Fresch, Board Chairman and Africa Continent Manager